What We Do

Management Consulting.

Design Thinking.


Product Development.

Content Development.

Pitches & Presentations.



Strategic Planning.

Who We Work For

Disney Pacers Sports & Entertainment Co-op Charity Network Freedom Healthworks
Bluebridge Peerview Data City of Fishers Launch Fishers The Lake Institute on Faith & Philanthropy
Roche Diagnostics Crave DemandJump The Shipyard Musical DNA
City of Hope MarketChorus B*Mello Dry Soda Co. INfuse
BizProps Coatchex Fine Living Food Network The Trevor Project

Why us?

We work with CEOs and senior managers to help companies get from where they are to where they need to be. ¬†Our unique perspective comes from consulting with big companies, small companies and new companies across a variety of industries. If you’re stuck, stalled or need to turn an idea into something tangible, we’d love to help.


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Jeanette Thebeau

  • Strategy
  • Executive Leadership
  • Design/branding/messaging
  • Innovation

Kirk Enright

  • Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Innovation
  • Design/branding/messaging/content